Kesar Mango in Junagadh

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  • 10 Kilogram box
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Buy Kesar Mango Online Junagadh

The fruit king of Junagadh, Kesar Mango, is now available online only on “Talala Gir Mango” We sell medium to large-sized high-quality kesar mangoes at affordable prices with free of cost shipping all around Junagadh and Gujarat.

Kesar mango is also known as the queen of mangoes. Its saffron-colored flesh gives you a distinct flavor as compared to any other mango during the summer season.

The kesar mango is also rich in various nutrients that are hard to get through a regular diet. Despite being a native variety of mango, it can become pretty hard to buy kesar mango in Junagadh.

Don’t worry. “Talala Gir Mango” has a high-quality stock of kesar mango for all mango lovers. Now you can order Junagadh kesar mango online using your mobile phone.

For the Residents of Junagadh, This is a once-in-season opportunity to purchase export quality Kesar Mangoes at affordable prices and free of cost shipping. We hand-pick all of our Kesar mangoes for higher quality and lower prices.

We invite all of you to enjoy our high-quality Kesar Mangoes in the summer season. These mangoes are freshly plucked; you can enjoy them any way you like, such as desserts, smoothies, or raw.


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