Talala Gir Kesar Mango [10 KG]

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  • 10 Kilogram box
  • Premium mangoes from Talala Gir
  • Chemical free mangoes
  • Sweet, juicy, and aromatic
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • The authentic taste of Gir kesar mango
  • Safe, careful & fast delivery service
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Introduction of Kesar Mango

The Gir Kesar Mango, The queen of kesar mangoes, is primarily grown in the foothills of Girnir, Gujarat. It is the second most popular mango Variety sold all around the world. You can also buy Kesar mango online using Talalagirmango at affordable prices. Gir Kesar Mango has a unique flavor, aroma, and a glimpse of vibrant saffron flesh.

History of Kesar Mango

The kesar mango has a long and distinct history that goes back to the pre-independence era of India. The most popular historical documents suggest that Kesar Mango was first grown by Wazir Saleh Bhai back in 1931 in Vanthali.
The Gir region of Junagadh, Gujarat, is known to Have a favorable ecosystem for the cultivation of Kesar mangoes. Locals claim that kesar mango has been cultivated in the region for centuries, But it became popular in the early 1900s.

GI label of Kesar Mango

Fast forward to 2010, the Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited (GAIC) proposed Graphical Identification (GI) registration for the local Gir Kesar Mango of Junagadh.

The Kesar Mango became the Second type of mango in India to get its Geographical Identification (GI) label after the Alphonso mango. The unique Geographical Identification (GI) label has protected Gir Kesar Mango producers from low-quality kesar mango grown in various other regions of India and sold under the name Gir Kesar Mango.

Talalagirmango, situated in the heart of Junagadh, provides a unique opportunity for everyone to order Kesar mango online using just the internet. We grow Gir Kesar Mango in Girnir, Junagadh, and sell freshly plucked all around the world.

What are the other types of Mangoes in India?

India is an agricultural-rich country that produces hundreds of different types of fruits. Following the tradition, India also produces numerous types of mangoes in huge quantities. Here are some of the most produced mango types in India:

  • Kesar Mango: 45,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Alphonso Mango: 55,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Totapuri Mango: 225,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Banganapalli Mango: 125,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Dasheri Mango: 110,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Langra Mango: 90,000 Metric Tonnes

These are the average estimated numbers of different types of mango production in India. The actual numbers may vary due to various conditions. Even the estimated numbers suggest that Kesar Mango is one of the rarest mangoes grown in India.

Top Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Kesar Mango

Along with a unique texture and distinct flavor, kesar mango also provides several nutritional and health benefits. Here are the top nutritional and health benefits of kesar mango:

Approx. Nutritional facts (per 100g of serving)

  • Total calories: 60 to 70
  • Carbohydrates: 20 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Vitamin C: 36mg
  • Vitamin A: 180mg
  • Potassium: 150mg
  • Folate: 14 mcg

Health Benefits of Kesar Mango

  1. Kesar mangoes are rich in antioxidants, which can help your body neutralize harmful free radicals and prevent chronic diseases.
  2. These mangoes may also improve your immune system so your body fights various infections.
  3. Kesar mangoes are also rich in water content and prevent dehydration in summer.
  4. The presence of vitamin C in kesar mango can also promote collagen production and contribute to skin health.
  5. Potassium and other micronutrients found in kesar mango can promote healthy blood pressure levels.

Important tips to ripen Kesar Mangoes Naturally.

Once you have bought a Kesar mango online, you should ripen them. These mangoes are usually shipped in unripe condition for a longer and better life.

  • Keeping your unripe kesar mangoes along with a ripe banana or apple is one of the best methods.
  • A ripe banana or mango produces ethylene and gas, which can help you ripen the mango.
  • Kindly keep the filled paper bag at room temperature, which is around 21 to 24°C.
  • The kesar mangoes might change their color and start to have a fragrant aroma in just 48 to 72 hours.

Once the mangoes are ripe, you can keep them in the refrigerator for a few days.

How to buy Kesar Mangoes online?

Talalagirmango is the best place to buy Kesar mango online. We deliver high-quality, freshly cut kesar mangoes at affordable prices all around the world. You can simply take your mobile phone and order kesar mango online any time of the day. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can place orders of any size on our platform.

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    Thank you for the yummy mangoes. Sweet taste and good quality. Timely shipping.

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Talala Gir Kesar MangoTalala Gir Kesar Mango [10 KG]

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