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  • 10 Kilogram box
  • Premium chemical free Mangoes
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  • Naturally raw mangoes.
  • The authentic taste of Gir kesar mango

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Introducing the modern Nawab of Junagadh, the queen of mangoes, Kesar Mango is now available in Surat, Gujarat. From the heart of Junagadh, Talagirmango handpicks kesar mango and sells at affordable prices with free of cost shipping.

Rich in nutrients, sweetness, and freshness, kesar mangoes are hard to find even during the summer season. Don’t worry; Talagirmango has got you all covered. Buy sweet, handpicked, and export quality kesar mango at the lowest price possible.

Kesar mangoes are naturally rich in various nutrients that can help you boost anti-oxidation immunity and promote skin health. Individuals struggling with poor digestion and vitamin deficiency can also take various benefits to promote a healthy gut life.

Our high-quality kesar mangoes will take you on an imaginative journey from the city of Surat to all the way orchards of Junagadh. The kesar mango price in Surat can range between ₹60 to ₹120 per kg.

Talagirmango only sells high-quality Kesar at the Lowest prices possible with various perks, including free of cost shipping and a safe payment platform. All these perks allow you to safely buy kesar mango online in Surat.

Use to order your pack of juicy, sweetie, and fresh Kesar mangoes to make your mango season memorable and fruitful.


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