Kesar Mango in Vadodara

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  • 10 Kilogram box
  • Premium chemical free Mangoes
  • Safe, careful & fast delivery service
  • Naturally raw mangoes.
  • The authentic taste of Gir kesar mango

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The Sweetie goodness of Kesar Mango, Queen of Mangoes, is now available in Vadodara. “Talala Gir Mango” sources its Kesar Mango from local mango farmers in Junagadh and delivers to your homes fresh, high quality, and at affordable prices.

Now, you can easily buy Kesar mango online in Vadodara with just one click. We sell export-quality mangoes at affordable prices with free of cost shipping. Whether you want to use kesar mango in your favorite dishes or eat them raw, we have got you covered with our quality product and fast delivery.

A high-quality kesar mango is hard to find even during its peak season due to its sweetness and immune-boosting natural nutrients. Kesar mango is rich in various vitamins, fiber, iron, and other macronutrients that can boost your natural immune system.

The average kesar mango price in Vadodara may hover between ₹600 to ₹1200 depending on the quality of the mango. However, you don’t have to worry about the high pricing of kesar mango even during its peak season.

Talagirmango for the export quality, fresh, and hand-picked kesar mangoes at affordable prices. It’s fast and safe to purchase Kesar Mangoes from, and You will get high-quality, hand-picked Kesar mangoes at affordable prices.


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